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Outdoor Living Spaces

Dream barbecuing... with no kitchen nightmares!

The sounds and smells of your favourite food sizzling on the grill while you relax with family and friends – who doesn’t love a barbecue?

Our bespoke Tiger Modular barbecue kitchens take outdoor cooking to the next level so you can enjoy food in the fresh air all year round.

A four-burner grill or Big Green Egg solid fuel barbecue, fridge to keep the drinks cold, worktops, lighting, storage, a sink... plus luxury options of a smart TV, sound system and a pizza oven – you can have it all.

No more dragging your barbecue out of the garage or trailing in and out of the house with food and drink – everything you need for a great time is in one place.

Then when the party’s over either wash up and put things away, or lock up and leave it till another day.

Key points:

  • Three kitchen sizes with internal widths of 1994mm, 2526mm and 3094mm
  • An empty kitchen for your own kit, or choose from three fully fitted kitchens built around a Beef Eater 1600E four-burner barbecue or Big Green Egg (large) solid fuel barbecue
  • Top quality materials – our roofs have a 25-year guarantee
  • Huge range of customisation options, from the colour and texture of the walls to extra appliances and features


Tiger Modular kitchens come in three sizes, both fitted and bare:

Small is beautiful

  • 1994mm internal width
  • Fully fitted kitchen with four-burner grill/Big Green Egg (large) charcoal barbecue and fridge
  • Specify wall units with downlighters to store your utensils
  • Door options include: canvas blind, roller-shutter blind, roller-shutter door or French doors

Everything and the kitchen sink

  • 2526mm internal width
  • Fully fitted kitchen with four-burner grill/Big Green Egg (large) charcoal barbecue, fridge, and a sink with cold water tap for food prep and washing up
  • Optional hot water system, plus option of wall units
  • Door options shared with Pequeno, plus a bi-fold door to make the most of Gaucho’s extra width

Big enough for a banquet

  • 3094mm internal width to provide worktops that span 1,252mm
  • Fully fitted kitchen with four-burner grill/Big Green Egg (large) charcoal barbecue, fridge and sink
  • Base units include three drawers and a cupboard, plus option of wall units
  • Door options include: canvas blind, roller-shutter blind, roller-shutter door or bi-fold door

Add your own ingredients

  • A bare kitchen space for customers who want a home for their existing barbecue and kit
  • Available with internal kitchen widths of 1994mm, 2526mm and 3094mm
  • Door options include: canvas blind, roller-shutter blind or roller-shutter door


We’ll serve it just how you like it...

Our barbecue kitchens are made from top-quality materials so they can shrug off anything the British climate can throw at them.

You need to choose colours and finishes so it complements your outdoor space and home.

Once that’s done, why not add some indulgent touches to make your outdoor space perfect for parties?


Select Your Finish

  • Flooring – Smart Board composite decking in a choice of six wood-grained finishes – Argent, Flint, Havana, Silver Birch, Spiced Oak and Midnight
  • External walls in wood-style composite or corrugated steel
  • Internal walls in wood effect or a smooth finish with a choice of colours
  • Kitchen units in five shades from white to charcoal, topped by super-durable granite worktops with two colour options – Ivory Wave or Steel Grey.
  • Roofs trims in Jet Black, Anthracite Grey or Traffic White

Decking & cladding

Our composite cladding and decking is eco-friendly, long lasting and low maintenance. It is made using recycled plastic and wood fibres and is fire retardant.  A durable polymer outer shell to provide an impermeable layer that resists scratching and fading.If you want alternatives for cladding, we’ve got them, such as cedar, thermowood and painted steel panelling.

Kitchen cupboard doors

With crisp, contemporary lines, our kitchens have 19mm[1]thick doors with an integrated pull handle  for a minimalist style. We offer two distinct door finishes. A high-shine finish  will brighten dark spaces or smaller areas, while the  smooth, muted option provides a luxury feel. Colour options range from light neutrals to a dark charcoal.

Granite worktops

These have long been regarded as the best option for kitchen surfaces with this natural material never falling out of fashion. Exceptional sturdiness makes granite both practical and aesthetic. Indoor, outdoor, granite worktops offer the perfect finish for any kitchen – available in Ivory Wave or Steel Grey.

Your perfect finishing touches

Enhance the look and feel of your outdoor living space with a choice of three colours for the main access door frames – bifold/screen or shutters  - and roof trims to finish it off in style. Choose from Anthracite Grey, Jet Black & Traffic White.

Add extra ingredients to suit your taste:

  • Bluetooth sound system with integrated ceiling speakers
  • Smart TV
  • Pizza oven
  • Larger decking area
  • External double socket for power tools or appliances


What is my barbecue kitchen made of?


They are made from the same materials as our garden rooms and commercial buildings – the barbecue kitchens are built to last for decades. Think of them as a mini building.

How secure are they?

That depends on the door system you specify. If you’ve got an enclosed, secure outdoor space you may simply wish to fit a fashionable canvas blind that is watertight. Our French doors and bi-fold door are lockable, while the roller-shutter door is a high-security option.

Why do you only offer two types of barbecue?

We’ve picked what we consider are the best gas and solid fuel barbecues. The four-burner Beef Eater 1600E is super-efficient with cast iron burners, stainless steel vaporisers to disperse flames, quartz one-start ignition and an elevated cooking rack. Meanwhile, the Big Green Egg (large) is quirky and looks incredible. It can roast, spit roast, slow cook, bake and grill. Plus, it’s endorsed by renowned Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge.

Will my barbecue kitchen come fully assembled?


We build the kitchens in our factory and our team members assemble them on site. But you can do the assembly yourself if you are handy and fancy a project. Buying your kitchen in DIY kit form will save you money too.