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Educational Modular Buildings

The perfect environment for play, learning and development…

A child's development is heavily influenced by their surroundings, so why settle for boring brick structures when you can have something much more exciting.

Our modular buildings are constructed using a timber frame, with a wide choice of internal and external finishes. Not only does timber look fantastic, but it's also more sustainable than other building materials and offers excellent durability.

Designed completely to your specification, we can create beautiful nurseries, classrooms, studios or break out spaces away from your main school buildings. And with no restrictions on size or layout – the possibilities are endless.

Plus, our modular approach means most of the construction takes place offsite, meaning less disruption on site.

Create the space your pupils need

The great thing about our modular constructions is that they can be completely customised – whiteboard walls, reinforced floors, soundproofed walls – whatever you need to suit your use. This makes them the perfect spaces for:

  • Playgroups
  • Nurseries
  • Baby sensory rooms
  • Community halls
  • Classrooms
  • Art and design studios
  • Music rooms
  • Dance studios
  • SEN classrooms
  • Common rooms
  • Staff rooms
  • Exam rooms
  • First aid rooms

Our team take care of everything from design and planning to manufacture and installation. The only thing we don't do is your lesson plans!

There are so many benefits to modular constructions, including the ease and speed at which they can be constructed. This makes them ideal for schools as they can be erected outside of term time, often within as little as ten days. But that's not all. Other benefits of working with Tiger Modular include:

  • Bespoke design and 3D modelling
  • Precision quality
  • Made In Britain
  • Short build times
  • Lifetime structural guarantee
  • High-quality finish
  • Fixed pricing
  • Safer working environments
  • Less noise, disruption and waste
  • An energy-efficient build

If you need additional space for educational purposes, get in touch for a no-obligation design consultation.


Do I need planning permission?

For smaller studios, you won't usually require planning permission, but our team will take care of all the necessary applications for you where it is required.

What are the size restrictions?

All our studios are custom built, so there are no restrictions on size or shape. The only limitation will be the amount of land you have available for your build.

How quickly can a build be completed?

The timescales for manufacturing your design will depend on the complexity. But, because we do most of the pre-fabrication offsite in our workshop, the time we spend on-site will be limited. In most cases, we can erect a single modular building in less than 10 days.

How are the internal walls finished?

However you need them to be – plaster is standard, but we can also finish with timber, painted glass or real brick cladding. We can even include writable walls, acoustic fabric, pinboards, and wipe down hygiene surfaces.