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Entertainment Garden Rooms

Chill, craft or create – your space, your way…

Want an outdoor dining space for when British weather gets in the way of BBQ plans? Or your own personal bar where you can mix up cocktails for your friends and family?

Fancy a home cinema room where you can chill out in front of your favourite movies? A playroom for the children? A recording studio, hobby room or workshop?

Whatever you need extra space for, Tiger Modular have got it covered.
Whether it’s somewhere to escape from the kids, a way to get the kids out from under your feet or a space the whole family can enjoy together, we make it happen.

Your perfect garden space made possible

Our amazing garden rooms can be designed completely around you, any size, any shape, any layout. The only difficult part is deciding how to use yours:

  • Recording studio
  • Cinema room
  • Bar
  • Games room
  • Hobby room
  • Creative space
  • Pet free area
  • Dining room
  • Playroom
  • Workshop
  • Chill out zone

We take care of planning every detail, from ensuring adequate power, reinforcing or soundproofing walls, and installing temperature control and audio systems. We can even add separate or integrated storage for bikes or gardening equipment.

Why choose Tiger Modular?

Our garden rooms give families the extra space they need to pursue hobbies, enjoy some much needed ‘me’ time, or entertain guests. And because we use modular methods of construction, you benefit from:

  • 3D modelling
  • Precision quality
  • Made in Britain
  • Short build times
  • Lifetime structural guarantee
  • High-quality finish
  • Fixed pricing
  • Safer working environments
  • Less noise, disruption and waste
  • An energy-efficient build

No idea is too bizarre – we’ve built all kinds of weird and wonderful rooms for our clients, and we’d love to create one for you too. The hardest part is deciding what you want the space for – after that, we take care of the rest.


Do I need planning permission?

Our garden rooms don’t usually require any planning permission so long as they are under 2.5m in height. If you need a taller building or have other limitations, such as living within an area of national beauty, on a green belt or in a listed building, we can advise on what planning permissions are needed and assist with relevant applications.

What is the smallest size garden room available?

All our studios are custom built, so there are no restrictions on size or shape. A micro-studio can be as small as 2m x 2m – perfect for a writing room. The only limitations will be the size and shape of your garden, but our expert designers can help you maximise the available space.

How are the internal walls finished?

However you need them to be – plaster is standard, but we can also finish with timber, painted glass or real brick cladding. We can even include writable walls, acoustic fabric, pinboards, and wipe down hygiene surfaces.

Can I sleep in my garden studio?

While all our studios are completely weatherproof and fully insulated, we don’t recommend them as a permanent bedroom due to planning permission restrictions. And anyway, who wants to run across the garden on a cold winter’s night when they need to pop to the loo? Much better to enjoy your amazing space when you are awake.