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Garden Gym Rooms

Your personal home fitness studio – in your garden…

Where is the best place to exercise?

In your living room with the dog tripping you over and the kids running in and out?

At the gym where you can never get the machines or weights you want when you need them?

At the local park with the unpredictable British weather?

Or in a purpose-built garden gym, designed around your exercise needs?

Whether you want a simple space to do your morning yoga, an extreme gym with reinforced floors, or a studio that’s integrated with leading sports technology, we make it happen.

Your perfect home gym made possible

Our amazing garden workout studios can be designed completely around you – any size, any shape, any layout. And you can choose from a wide range of optional features:

  • Air conditioning
  • Custom flooring to withstand weights of up to 800kg per sq. metre
  • Strengthened floors, walls and ceilings for hanging equipment
  • Higher ceilings
  • Integrated technology
  • Mirrored walls
  • Separate or integrated storage
  • Soundproofing
  • Hardwired Wi-Fi
  • Audio system
  • Outdoor lighting

The only thing we don’t do is supply your exercise equipment, but we will work with your chosen suppliers to ensure everything is in place for the installation.

Why choose Tiger Modular?

Our clients include everyone from complete exercise novices to personal trainers and professional athletes, we have a lot of experience tailoring each fitness studio to meet a wide range of requirements.

And because we use modular methods of construction, you benefit from:

  • 3D modelling
  • Precision quality
  • Made in Britain
  • Short build times
  • Lifetime structural guarantee
  • High-quality finish
  • Fixed pricing
  • Safer working environments
  • Less noise, disruption and waste
  • An energy-efficient build

Home fitness studios are one of our favourite things to create – we’re huge advocates of exercise, knowing the part it plays in both mental and physical wellbeing. That’s why we do things smarter, faster and better to make your garden workout studio a reality.


How much will my garden gym cost?

That really depends on the size and scope of the project. We’ve created gorgeous garden rooms for as little as £10,000, but additional features such as reinforced flooring and temperature control will add to the cost.

What will my garden gym be made from?

Our modular garden studios are a hybrid of materials, but predominately a structural timber frame, manufactured within our factory and built up with two layers of insulation and other general building components.

How much scope is there for design?

Unlimited – if you can imagine it, we’ll do our best to make it happen. And of course, we can provide lots of expert guidance and advice based on your budget, vision and intended use.

Will my dream gym give me my dream body?

Unfortunately, we have no control over that! We can create an amazing space where you can work out, but you’ll have to do the hard work of actually exercising yourself. Although having your own private fitness studio will hopefully give you that extra motivation you need to reach your goals.