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Garden Spa Rooms

Life’s little luxuries in the comfort of your garden…

What better way to relax after a hard day at work than in your very own home spa, complete with sauna and hot tub?

Our garden spas allow you to do just that – treat yourself to a tranquil escape whenever you need it.

And because your hot tub is under cover, you can use it all year round, without having to brave the cold British winter air when you’re getting in and out.

So why not treat yourself to a little bit of luxury and get your own garden spa. Perfect for entertaining friends, indulging in some well-deserved ‘me’ time or relaxing with your partner.

Your home spa made possible

Our amazing garden spas can be designed completely around you, any size, any shape, any layout. And you can choose from a wide range of optional features:

  • Temperature control
  • Custom flooring and non-slip surfaces
  • Wipe-clean hygiene walls
  • Outside lighting
  • Decking or veranda
  • Audio system
  • Soundproofing
  • Integrated storage

The only thing we don’t do is supply your hot tub, but we do liaise with your chosen provider to ensure your garden spa is perfectly designed to accommodate the installation.

Why Choose Tiger Modular?

Helping our clients create their perfect spa retreats fills us with pride, and our modular garden rooms make it easy to do.

Because we use smarter methods of construction, you benefit from:

  • 3D modelling
  • Precision quality
  • Made in Britain
  • Short build times
  • Lifetime structural guarantee
  • High-quality finish
  • Fixed pricing
  • Safer working environments
  • Less noise, disruption and waste
  • An energy-efficient build

Revitalise, relax and unwind without sharing your sauna with a stranger – the perfect spa experience in the comfort of your own garden.


Do you supply hot tubs?

No, but we do work with your chosen supplier to ensure that the necessary power and structural elements are in place to accommodate the installation.

How much will a home spa cost?

That really depends on the size, scale and style of your garden studio and any additional elements you require. You can use our quick quote tool to get a guide price or better still, book a no-obligation design consultation.

Do you take care of plumbing and drainage?

When required, we can take care of any plumbing and drainage needs – however, unless it is absolutely essential, we recommend against it as it can add to the cost significantly.

Fortunately, most home hot tubs don’t require any special plumbing or drainage so extensive groundworks won’t be needed. Don’t worry though, our expert designers will ensure that your chosen hot tub can be accommodated in your new garden spa.

What are the restrictions on size and layout?

There are no restrictions on size or layout other than the size and shape of your garden. The only other consideration for home spas will be ensuring that it is located close enough to existing plumbing and drainage so that you don’t need to invest in any extensive groundworks should you require a WC or shower room. But don’t worry, our expert designers can help you choose the best location and layout.