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5 great reasons to get a garden studio instead of moving house

Are you thinking about a house move?

We’re sure it will have crossed many minds recently, what with lockdowns forcing us to stay home more than we’re used to. And while some of us are enjoying being within our own four walls, for many, it’s causing us to rethink our living space.

Before Covid came along and knocked our world sideways, most of our customers wanted to create more space in their home because they could – a quiet room to escape to and read a book, or a second lounge to accommodate noisy teenagers and their friends. Something useful, but not quite a necessity.

Now, we’re finding our enquiries are coming from people in dire need of an additional room for all manner of reasons. Some need an study since theirs is currently out of bounds thanks to the pandemic. Others require a fitness room, thanks to their gym having closed and the UK’s unpredictable weather being less than conducive to exercising outdoors. There is even talk of studios being used as a classroom for homeschooling the children.

But whether it’s extra room to move that you’re craving or just a change of scenery, a Tiger Modular garden studio can help. And it’s far less drastic and much less stressful than moving home.

Here are our top 5 reasons to stay right where you are and enjoy the benefits of a new bespoke garden room instead.

Less upheaval than a house move

Let’s begin by considering the physical aspects of moving from one house to another. The packing up of absolutely everything you own and shifting it to a new location. Having to sort out several years’ worth of ‘stuff’ accumulated by you and the family – do you really want to tackle all those boxes hidden neatly up in your loft?

Are you feeling any nausea yet? If you’ve ever moved home before, then you probably will be. Because you’ll know first-hand, it’s no simple task.

Not only is it physically exhausting – even with a removals company involved – but also time-consuming. It takes so much work at both ends of the journey, packing up and then unpacking again.

Depending on where you’re moving to, it can cost a lot of money too. Wouldn’t it be easier to invest that money into a brand-new space to enjoy where you are today?

What if you just don’t want to move?

And fair enough, too. You might have spent years getting your house just as you want it, perhaps even remodelling the layout to meet your needs – at a minimum, creating an interior that provides comfort.
And, if you’ve been living in your current home a while, you’re probably invested in your local area. Perhaps it’s close to where you work, and the local amenities you have grown accustomed to, even the school or clubs your children attend if you have any. Why be forced to move if you like it where you are?

It’s time to optimise the space you have already. A bespoke garden studio creates the extra room you need while allowing you to stay exactly where you are.

More space, yes please – a bigger mortgage, no thanks!

Let’s be honest, if it is simply more space you’re after, then a complete house move is not going to present itself as your lowest-cost option. Far from it, in fact, with large homes always coming in at a premium – the more rooms you’re after, the bigger the bucks you’re expected to pay for the privilege.

And while it might just be more living space you want, a bigger living space often comes with an extra bedroom thrown in, regardless of whether or not you need one. Then there are the additional solicitors’ fees, moving costs and extra expenses that you have to factor in.

A garden room will cost a fraction of the price of upgrading to a bigger house. One price, no hidden fees, a bespoke design, no compromising on layout, and much much faster than the process of buying a new house.

The housing market is telling you to stay put

Those with an eye on the property market will know that 2020 saw house prices rise dramatically and much more than anticipated. The UK’s exit from the EU, a troubled labour market and national lockdowns did nothing to curb the sector’s activity.

Sure, if you managed to sell your house today, you would be in with a chance of making a decent profit. But let’s not forget the competition you’d be up against in finding your next place, which, like yours, will have increased in value. Then there are the buyer chains to worry about. If one buyer falls through, everyone has to start again. Stressful.

Now take a quick look outside your back windows and imagine yourself in a new outdoor garden studio, designed to your exact requirements while providing the extra space current life requires. Isn’t that far easier than selling and buying a house? We’d say so!

Your local network

Do your parents live nearby? Your wonderful ‘olds’, the ‘rents, Mum and Dad – perhaps rebranded nowadays as Grandma and Grandad.

Whatever you call them, if they live close by, there is every likelihood they need you or you need them. They might depend on you for their weekly shop, or maybe they help you with childcare. If that’s the case, then moving away might not be a viable option.

And what about friends in the area, or your lovely neighbours. Nobody wants to move house to find that the family from hell lives next door.

Yet this needn’t keep you boxed into your four walls with little to no breathing space. A garden studio is the perfect way to create extra room and a space away from the main house.

Having loved ones close by might even be the reason for having yours installed in the first place – a family room, garden bar or dedicated dining space for hosting family and friends when they come to visit.

Still keen to move?

In our opinion, when space is all you’re after, it’s not a move you need, rather a little ‘outside the box’ thinking.

Our bespoke garden rooms can be used as study, gyms, bars, spas, family rooms, games rooms, cinema rooms, studios – the choice is yours.

Once we’ve confirmed your perfect design with you, we manufacture as much as possible off-site, then we come back and install your new garden studio, usually in less than a week. It really is that simple and hassle-free (unlike moving house). Plus, we guarantee structural work for 30 years, so it really is a long-term investment for your family.

Tiger Modular are UK leading designers, manufacturers and installers of garden studios. If you’d like to book a no-obligation design consultation, contact our friendly team.