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10 things you can do with a garden room

If you had your very own garden room – a room totally separate from your house – what would you do with it?

Would you turn it into a space for the family to enjoy together? Or use it as a little escape room where you can enjoy your hobbies in peace?

We love helping our clients design their perfect garden room, and we've listed some of our favourite uses below. Take a look to get some inspiration, and let your imagination run wild…

1. study space

The peace and quiet of your own private study, away from home but without the commute – sounds like a dream to us!

Working at your kitchen table, balancing your laptop on the arm of your sofa and typing away in bed aren't really long-term solutions. A garden study gives you that dedicated space where you can get into work mode and avoid the distraction of household chores.

Plus, you get that satisfying feeling of logging off at the end of the day and heading home.

2. Gym

If you have children, work long hours, or don't have easy access to a gym, it can feel impossible to fit regular workouts into your schedule.

So what could be more motivating than having your very own gym or fitness studio right at home? Whether you enjoy lifting weights, doing yoga, or working up a sweat on the treadmill, a garden gym could be perfect for you.

No travel requirement, no monthly cost, and no excuse not to get that workout done. You'll be hitting your fitness goals in no time.

3. Games room

Every gamer’s dream! Picture it now – a pool table in one corner, a proper gaming chair and your consoles in another. Surround sound system – maybe even a mini-fridge to keep your drinks and snacks chilled.

If you're serious about gaming, it gives you the space to enjoy some time away from reality, without cluttering up your house or getting distracted.

4. Recording studio

If you enjoy creating music, podcasts, or video content, imagine having your very own at-home recording studio. A quiet, relaxing space to embrace your creativity, and bring new ideas to life, with no time constraints or rental fees to pay.

If inspiration strikes at 2am, head to your garden studio and get into your creative zone. You'll be able to put together the perfect recording set-up with full control over the layout and equipment, tailoring it to your personal needs.

5. Children's playroom

Anybody with kids knows how much space their things take up. Those tiny humans require a lot of 'stuff'. From toys and teddies to bouncers, bikes and buggies – imagine how much clearer your house would be if you had somewhere to store it all?

Turn your garden room into a fantastic playroom, with a dolls' house, ball pool, home corner, sandpit, fancy dress box, ping-pong table, reading corner. Everything you need to enjoy imaginative play together as a family and keep the little ones entertained. A place to make memories they'll treasure for life.

6. Workshop

Got a hobby that requires a lot of space for creation? Maybe it's time to invest in your very own workshop. A space away from the house where you can make, paint, sew, build, weld, or whatever it is your hobby requires.

Deck the room out exactly how you need it and include plenty of storage space and clever organisers for your materials.

If you run a creative business, you benefit from having a proper space to make, store and package up your products.

7. Bar

Whether you're a keen mixologist, a craft beer connoisseur or just missing the pub atmosphere, why not create your own boozer?

Say goodbye to taxi fares, queues at the bar and overpriced beers.
Enjoy a few drinks with friends or family in the safety and comfort of your garden. Stock up with your favourite drinks, get the speakers out, and maybe even try your hand at mixing a few cocktails.

8. Hobby room

It's great to have hobbies, but they can take up a lot of space. Before you know it, your house is full to the brim with various bits and pieces. Paintbrushes, fabrics, collectables, scrapbooks, bike parts, golf clubs, candle-making kits – you name it.

Whether you're an arts and crafts fan, love tinkering with engines or just need space for your sports memorabilia, a garden room allows you to enjoy your hobby in peace.

9. Cinema room

If you're a movie fanatic, a cinema room is the perfect place to unwind after a day at work or on a lazy Sunday morning. And it's also a great way to enjoy your garden room as a family – little ones love it just as much as the adults.

Build your ideal cinema set-up with comfy sofas, pillows, throws, fairy lights and some of your favourite drinks and snacks. Then binge-watch the latest Netflix shows or your favourite blockbuster movies with a big bucket of popcorn.

10. Dining room

If you love to host dinner parties and big holiday meals for your family and friends, why not invest in a beautiful garden dining room?

Perfect if you want a fresh space dedicated to hosting dinner dates, birthday parties and festive feasts with your loved ones.

And when those well-planned barbeques get interrupted by the unpredictable British weather, you can move inside until the rain eases off.

How would you use your garden room?

There are so many ways to enjoy a Tiger Modular garden room, and we never stop being amazed by what our clients do with theirs.

It's an absolute pleasure turning their ideas into reality and creating their dream garden rooms.

We'd love to hear what you'd do with yours – let us know on Instagram and Facebook. Or get in touch to book a design consultation.


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